Learner Corpora Around the World




v  v    BAWE:The British Academic Written English Corpus, by the Universities of Warwick, Reading and Oxford Brookes.


v  v    BRICLE: The BRAZILIAN ICLE, by T. Berber Sardinha.




v  v     The CZECH COMPONENT OF ICLE, by Jan Flaska.


v  v     The ESF Databank


v  v     EVA Spoken Corpus, by A. Hasselgren.


v  v     The FINNISH COMPONENT OF ICLE, by H. Rlngbom.


v  v     FREETEXT: French in Context. An advanced hypermedia CALL system featuring NLP tools for a smart treatment of authentic documents and free production exercises.


v  v     FLLOC (French Learner Language Oral Corpora)


v  v     FRIDA: French Interlanguage Database


v  v     HUNGARIAN EFL LEARNER CORPUS, University of Pecs, Hungary.


v  v     ICLE (International Corpus of English) by S. Granger.


v  v     The ISLE Corpus of Non-Native Spoken English


v  v     LANCAWE (Lancaster Corpus of Academic Written English)


v  v     LINDSEI: Louvain International Database of Spoken English Interlanguage.


v  v     The LONGMAN LEARNERS’ CORPUS (Addison Wesley Longman).


v  v     PELCRA (Polish-English Language Corpus Research and Applications), by the Lancaster University and the University of Lodz, Poland.


v  v     PICLE: The POLISH COMPONENT OF ICLE, by Kaszbuski.


v  v     The SWEDISH COMPONENT OF ICLE, by B. Altenberg.


v  v     USE: UPPSALA Student English Project








v  v     AutoLANG and Wordpilot (J. Milton’s CLC-based Tutorials).


v  v     CBACLE: Corpus-Based Analysis of Chinese Learner English


v  v     Corpus of English by Japanese Learners, by Kojiro Asao.


v  v     JEFLL Corpus, by Yukio Tono


v  v     Project of 1 Million Word Corpus of Chinese Learner of English, by Gui Shichun.


v  v     SST Corpus, by Yukio Tono.